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Fry-Yay personalised plate. Painted breakfast face.

​Craft T Cake is a hub for the community, located in Bexley, Kent.

Come and relax, laugh and participate in arts & craft activities like painting personalised pottery or seasonal activities.

Step inside, take a breath and relax. Enjoy the studio, leave your worries and chores at the door and take a moment for yourself, your friends or your family. Eat cake, drink tea, talk, laugh, paint and participate in activities. Do as much or as little as you like. This time is yours.​

Arty Watercolor Paint Stain
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  Relax with a hot drink while your little  one(s) participate in either pottery painting   or any other activities on.

Art Bexley Pottery Text Bubble

Make your own personalised  gifts for Christmas, birthdays and weddings.   

Art bexley pottery text bubble

Or you can even  

ask us to make your    

personalised gift for you!  

Made to your specification.